Shelf Companies 

A shelf company is a company that has been formed but never been used.   Each company listed was originally filed by, is in good standing, has no current business activity, no assets, no liabilities and no stock has been issued.


Why Buy a Shelf Corporation or LLC? 

  • Instant History - Establish months or years of history instantly.
  • Better Credit - A company with history has an easier time obtaining financing, credit cards & leases.
  • Better Image - A shelf company looks better with age.
  • Contract Bidding - Some vendors require that your company have a minimum time of existence.
  • Save Time - A shelf corporation is ready to begin business immediately.  Any potential delays in startup are avoided.

Why Buy A Shelf Company?

  • Price - Our prices are the very lowest available anywhere!
  • Company Name - Each of our shelf companies already have an excellent name.  However, we can change the name of the company for only $100 more.
  • Buy Now - Buy a shelf company now and we will send you your shelf company documents via Next Day Air (included).
  • Good Standing - All of our shelf companies are in good standing with the state.  We provide proof that we have maintained the charter.
  • Our Guarantee - We guarantee that the entity you purchase has never had any operational experience.  This means, you will NOT inherit any potential liability due to prior operations.  We can guarantee this because we formed the company and maintained its control since its formation. 

What Comes With Each Shelf Company?

  • Original Articles - Original file stamped docs from the formation state
  • Filing Receipt  - Original doc from state indicating filing completion
  • Appointment Form  - Original signed Appointment form to you
  • Tax Paid Acknowledgement  - Proof that taxes are paid up to date*
  • Forms CD  - Either Corp. Forms or Operating Agreement on CD included
  • Registered Agent - Registered agent service for 12 months included
  • Other Items  - Each shelf company is slightly different (call for more info)

NOTE:  None of our shelf companies have operational history.  Therefore, they do not have an EIN nor any credit history with any vendors or other credit sources.  After you purchase a shelf company, you will be responsible for obtaining an EIN (we can provide this service for an additional fee) and you will have to build the company's credit (we do not provide this service).  However, you will have an easier time establishing credit with a company that is already aged.



Available Shelf Companies


    Last updated 05/20/2020

 Company Name



Form. Date



How to Buy

****ang Ventures, LLC





Formed in 2005
Includes: Registered Agent


[Name of Your Choice]






Formed in 2009
Includes: Registered Agent


***** Ventures, Inc.





Formed in 2012
Includes: Registered Agent & Secretary

****** Group, LLC




Includes: Registered Agent

***** Design, LLC





Includes: Registered Agent

***, LLC 




Formed in 2012 

Unique LLC named after the date it was formed. No one has this name!
Includes: Registered Agent 


























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NOTE:  After you have purchased one of our Shelf Corporations or Shelf LLCs, you can order our Deluxe Corporation Kit, a name change, or other products and services at


All Shelf company purchases are subject to our statement of Disclaimers & Disclosures., Inc. does not provide any legal or tax advice.
We highly recommend that you speak to your tax or legal professional.

* SmallBiZ Secretary Service is a subscription service.  The first 12 months of service is included if listed.

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