SmallBiZ Filing Service's Incorporation and LLC filing services lead the nation in value and professionalism.  Compare this service at $25, to what most filing services provide at FOUR+ TIMES that amount.  Or you can do-it-yourself for no cost, but what is your time worth?


Our "Standard" filing service includes all of the following:


Review your order for completeness - We will look for common errors which might cause your filing to be rejected by the state.


Check name availability - We will check the availability of your 1st name choice with the state's corporate/LLC database. If your 1st choice is not available, we will search your 2nd choice (if provided). If neither are available, we will help you find an alternative name.


Prepare your articles of incorporation/organization - Using the state's minimum filing requirements to create your INC/LLC.


File with the state - Usually within one to two business days after receiving your order. Please note: To facilitate the filing, we submit as the Organizer/Incorporator, unless you instruct us otherwise.


Follow up - We follow up with the state if your filing takes longer than the normal Estimate Filing Time.


Review Approved Docs - We make sure your documents were recorded by the state correctly.  State agencies often make mistakes.  We will get them corrected for you.

Digital Documents - Your approved documents are immediately available to you for download through your secure login.


Originals Forwarded - Your originals (what we receive) are forwarded to you via your chosen shipping method along with a What’s Next checklist, so you will know the next steps you should take with your new entity.


See why every year, literally thousands of accountants, attorneys, and small business owners rely on to form their entity and keep it compliant.

If you have any questions about our filing service and you cannot find an answer on our website, please call us toll-free at 866-246-2669 or 866 2INC NOW.


Not associated with any government agency

Just so there is no confusion, is not associated in any way directly or indirectly with any local, state, or federal governmental agency. Although many of the filing services we offer involve the filing of forms you can download for free on your state's website, we also provide you th this information for free so that you can Do-It-Yourself. For more information Click Here.