How important is compliance?
Your corporation must take care of certain compliance issues at set up and throughout each year (i.e. adopt company bylaws, document meetings, issue stock, etc.). Failure to act will make your corporation non compliant.

A $750,000 mistake!
Betty Stein's corporation owned and operated a small business and office building in Arizona. Her attorney set up the corporation and other paperwork. Her CPA took care of the taxes. Her business was successful and she thought she had few worries.

Late 2004, Betty's lender called and informed her that her
corporation was dissolved by the state over 3 years ago becuase she didn't file an annual report. She had moved and forgot to notify the state, so she didn't receive the state's notices. Now, because of one error, her corporation's loan was being called due. Betty has to come up with $750,000 immediately or she will lose everything!

Is YOUR corporation compliant?

   Consider these facts
  • YOUR corporation must comply with ALL state & federal laws
  • 95% of all corporations are Non-compliant
  • Whether your corporation has no employees or hundreds, it must follow formal compliance rules
  • It is YOUR responsibility to know & follow the rules
  • Creditors are very good at piercing the corporate veil of liability protection
  • Most corporate attorneys charge thousands of dollars for minimal compliance assistance. 

Is Your Corporation Compliant?

Even attorneys forget compliance
Falcone v. Night Watchman, Inc., et. al. - Mr. Rozbicki was a practicing lawyer and sole stockholder of a corporation that owned a restaurant. Its chef ordered fruits and produce on a daily basis from Mr. Falcone. The restaurant failed to pay Mr. Falcone for the goods it received and he sued the corporation and Rozbicki individually. The Appellate Court of Connecticut pierced the corporation's veil and held Rozbicki personally liable for his corporate debts because,
    • There were no minutes kept of corporate meetings,
    • No loans were documented,
    • No proper records were kept of corporate funds until after the litigation arose.
In other words, there was no legal distinction between Mr. Rozbicki and his corporation. Also, Mr. Rozbicki should have known better since he was an attorney.

Required corporate actions
All corporations must take the following actions:
  • Complete ALL initial meeting requirements
  • Record corporate actions in minutes
  • Formally issue stock certificates
  • File all post-filing reports with formation state
  • Hold special directors meetings before taking any corporate actions
  • Send in all required IRS documentation
  • File annual report or tax statement 
  • Conduct annual meetings
  • Deliver proper notice to directors or officers
  • Much more 

What if YOU miss something?

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