How to Apply For an EIN

An EIN or Employer Identification Number is obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for no charge at their website



Let us get your EIN for you!’s EIN Services can make this process easy.


We can either assist you with our EIN Basic Service ($25) or we can obtain your entity’s EIN with our Full Service ($50).


We obtain thousands of EIN’s for our clients each year, so we are very familiar with the process.



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Details & Questions

Here are some of the main questions our clients have about their EIN application

·         Name of Entity – Should I put my DBA here?

·         Address – Do I list my address or my registered agent?

·         Name of Responsible Party (Principal Officer) – There is only room for one name, how do I list more?

·         Number of LLC Members – If this will change, what do I put in there now?

·         Type of Entity – What do I put for my LLC?

·         Highest No of Employees – If I work out of my home shouldn’t I list employees under Household?

·         Previous EIN – I already have an EIN, why do I need another one?

·         Title – Why can’t I list President here?



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